about me

Director Wang Wu Shoung

Born in Taiwan, Wang has been in TV commercial production business for more than 30 years, starting from an art director, now an established film director specializing at table-top cinematography and drama where he makes the foods dance and sing as human would perform. Please screen the following works he did to probe his creative rationales behind them. Enjoy!

王武雄 導演

出生於台灣,從事電視廣告製作行業 30 多年,從一名美術導演開始,現在是一位成熟的廣告導演,擅長桌面拍攝和戲劇。我,喜愛拍攝食物,也拍了很多食物,但現在我才知道,好吃與好看是兩碼子事,我想讓食物像人類一樣唱歌跳舞